Why InvitePro?

Do you also have to teach your employees for hours how to invite someone to a business presentation?

Do your sales people have

  • enough appointments?
  • enough business presentations?
  • enough duplication to achieve goals?

Then you too can rely on InvitePRO from today!

  • Invite contacts to business presentations quickly and easily.
  • To hundreds of contacts within minutes.
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Your InvitePRO Bakcoffice
Easy, quick, duplicable

How does it work?

Your back office gives you the ability to customize content and settings - just as you need it for your business.


Make personal session settings


Fix questions for session participants


Set SMS and motivation texts


Evaluations, statistics and much more
The InvitePRO App

Free app for all your session participants.

Simply download it from the App Store, start the session and off you go!

  • Answer questions on the app (create a virtual contact list)
  • Mark the contacts as warm or cold contacts
  • Send customized bulk message via pre-made texts
  • Export personal results of the session as a PDF for post processing

The result – more appointments than ever before!

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Do your workshops and events
lead tot he desired results?

If NOT- why dont change it right now with InvitePRO?

Primary goals of a workshop / event

  • Disclosure of information (your business)
  • Mediation of skills (training)
  • Appreciation of the team and top performers
  • Support for newcomers
  • Increase in the number of appointments in the team = revenue growth

Prevent that from happening! With the event feature of InvitePRO

  • Competitions (who has the most contacts / invitations to meetings / business presentations?)
  • High score with live streaming and live counter
  • And much more.

Let your business grow - faster than ever!

More and more networkers are recognizing the benefits of InvitePRO and taking advantage of this competitive advantage!

Do your sales people have

  • Team duplicable system
  • Increase efficiency at events, face-to-face meetings as well as webinars
  • Faster start of new sales staff = lower default rates
  • Significantly more appointments in the team means more sales = significant strengthening of your business
  • Additional income by recommending InvitePRO


“If your team has enough appointments, success is inevitable"










Unique duplication principle

With InvitePRO, sufficient appointments in your network are not a challenge - but a standard that can be duplicated. Events, Events, Events!